Only People With At Least 140 IQ Can Answer These 7 Questions

Is your IQ more than 140? We’ll find out soon enough. See if you can answer these seven questions correctly.

1. Who has the most World Series wins?

a. Toledo Mudhens
b. Akron Zips
c. Toluca Lake Tools
d. Nagadoches Nags

2. Which of these things do not belong with the others.

a. Channel-lock pliers
b. Chewing gum
c. Parking ticket
d. Band-aid that fell off your knee after the wound scabbed over

3. Windsor, Ontario is the capital of which Canadian Province?

a. Alberta
b. Saskatchewan
c. Ontario
d. Prince Poof Island

4. What do these numbers add up to: 7, 11.

a. A convenience store
b. The IQ of your cousin Ned
c. The real SPF of that expensive 50 sun block you purchased
d. 21

5. If your car stalls when you begin to accelerate from a stop sign, check this:

a. The ignition coils
b. The spark plugs
c. Your stick deodorant
d. The number of outstanding parking tickets you have

6. Recently a man in the news said he hid out in the woods for 10 years to escape a bad relationship. Have you ever:

a. Left in the middle of a date without telling them?
b. Moved out of state to avoid seeing an ex?
c. Ghosted your partner by conveniently taking the wrong plane to meet them in another city?
d. Faked your death to avoid listening to another of your spouse’s boring stories about their day?

7. Who is the worst President we’ve ever had?

a. President Trudeau
b. President Bobby Hull
c. President A. A. Acorn
d. President Trump


The answers are a,b,c,d.


1-80. Go back to elementary school and start over.

80-90. Congrats. You are bumped up to hall monitor.

90-99. You have an IQ that will serve you well in the restaurant industry.

100! Congratulations! You have an IQ over 140, but suffer from so many personal hang-ups, you’ll never be able to use it in regular society.

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