How To Play Duck Lacrosse

Duck lacrosse is sweeping the nation. Who is playing this exciting new sport? Some are lacrosse players looking to add new zest and excitement to the game. Others are duck hunters seeking new ways to make use of their daily limit.

Here are the very basics of duck lacrosse. For further information, log on to 1800_106_001

The match starts when a duck is placed between two players for “The Face.” 1800_2_001

“Long Throwing” is a fast way to gain major ground by launching a duck with a side-throwing motion. 1800_52_001

The most common shot in Duck Lacrosse is the “Over Shot,” where the duck is launched at high speed with an overhand motion. 1800_70_001

The “Dodge and Check” is a method of shielding the duck in the net while spinning around an opponent. 1800_96_001

Here a player takes a shot on goal. A point is scored when the duck penetrates the plane, an imaginary wall rising from the goal line to the top of the net.




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