Rand Paul Initiates “No Meat Left On The Bone” Campaign


Rand Paul has started the biggest initiative yet of his fledgling Presidential bid. “The rich are getting richer, and they’ve picked everything off the chicken,” Mr. Paul said at a recent campaign stop. “There’s no meat left on the bone for the rest of us.”

His supporters began chanting, “No Meat Left On The Bone!” over and over. While a strong visual, the phrase proved to be an awkward chant. After several attempts to get in sync, the crowd gave up and the chant faded away.

They did better with the thousands of large styrofoam bones the campaign handed out at the beginning of the rally. People shook and waved them as they cheered on Mr. Paul. A German Shepherd thought it was a real bone, and had shredded one by the end of the speech, half the styrofoam pellets covering his mouth and head, with the other half blowing in the wind over the crowd.

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