Review: ProActive Green Go Pocket Ball Washer

The Proactive Green Go Pocket Ball Washer says now you don’t have to worry about forgetting your towel or playing with a dirty golf ball any more. This is a small, microfiber pocket that stays wet on the inside the entire time you are playing, no matter how hot it is outside. The outside is waterproof, and the entire contraption slips inside your pocket so you have constant access to a moist surface to clean your ball.

That sounds like it will never work. Now, it is true I haven’t actually used it because I just use the old-fashioned method: spitting on the golf ball and, if need be, cleaning it with the inside of your golf shirt. Let’s face it, at the end of around your golf shirt is done for anyway. It’s covered in the dirt of 1000 treks you’ve taken into the woods trying to find your damn ball. You are also have a nice layer of sand from falling down after trying to hit it 75 yards on to the green from a fairway bunker.

The Proactive Green Go Pocket Ball Washer probably sounded like you was a good idea at the time, dreamed up by some foursome after they realized none of them had a towel ,and each of their golf balls was covered in one and half inches of mud, dirt and volcanic ash. A major question is: how long do you believe that the pocket ball washer will be around before you lose it?

Sure, you’ll have it for one round, maybe two, and then you’ll set it down on the counter of the snack bar at the turn while you order your customary hot dog, chips and 16 beers. You’ll leave it on the counter because, as usual, you are late getting to the 10th tee as you attempt to stuff all of those beers into a bag of ice.

All these considerations are important because even if you don’t get a Proactive Green Go Pocket Ball Washer for yourself, there’s a very good chance that your loved ones will give you one for your birthday or Father’s Day. If that’s the case, I wish you luck because I know you only own it for a maximum of 30 days before you lose it, and you have to come up with a whopper of a story to explain why you lost the gift given to you by your four-year-old son.

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