Romantic Valentine Verses for Your Love on Valentine’s Day 2015

Not sure what to say to your love on Valentine’s Day for 2015? Don’t worry. Swipe these famous Valentines verses from throughout the history of romance, and you’ll be silver-tongued lover in no time.

Kyssende par på benk_12341651473_l
I love you today
I’ll love you tomorrow
So don’t get mad when I say
Do you have $5 I can borrow?

Gutt og jente på benk_12339554934_l
Lips red as blood
Eyes of diamond blue
Let’s get a pizza
And then a snooze

Lots of big hugs
And tons of kisses
You’re my little bug
Our love never misses
(Most of the time)


This rhyme is just for you
To show that my love is true
I love your eyes and silly grin
Please get me out of the jail I’m in


What is love but pain and sorrow
But it all ends tomorrow
When we head down to the casino
And spend all our money playing keno

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