Scientists Discover Possible 9th Planet

Good news – scientists have discovered a ninth planet. You might be thinking, “I thought we already had a ninth planet – Pluto.” What, you didn’t hear the news? Pluto got demoted. Somehow Pluto snuck into the adult table, but scientists discovered over time that it actually was a dwarf planet, so they kicked it back down to the children’s table.

But now planetary scientists think they have a doozy of a ninth planet. They are dubbing it Planet X for now.

Here’s the interesting thing: They haven’t actually seen it. They just have evidence that it is out there. And it is so far out there, we can’t see it with our current telescopes. Scientists think that in five years we’ll have the requisite power in telescopes to be able to actually see it.

And here’s the wild thing: it takes ten to twenty thousand years for this planet to go around the sun one time.

Does that mean that summers are five thousand years long?

If you’re a parent and you get annoyed every summer by your kids constantly being underfoot, and you can’t wait until that first day of school so you can finally get a day of sleep, you would hate living on Planet X.

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