Scofflaw “Night Rider” Bicyclists Terrorize Cities

Young bicycling enthusiasts are filling the streets of big cities all over America for weekly “night rides,” often on a Friday night, where hundreds or even thousands of riders cycle through the city in a huge pack.

Problems arise when traffic is stalled or stopped due to the sheer number of cyclists. A few riders also have a loose interpretation of road rules and laws, angering locals and earning lots of attention from the local constables.

One Chicago media outlet called them “bicycle terrorists.”

Really? People on bicycles are “terrorists?”

I decided to check out some riders from these groups to find out what’s the dealio.

I captured some of these scofflaws in action. You can decide for yourself.


vlcsnap-00022 vlcsnap-00023 vlcsnap-00024 vlcsnap-00025

Here is one of the rebels pulling into a street without checking for traffic.



vlcsnap-00045 vlcsnap-00046 vlcsnap-00047 vlcsnap-00048 vlcsnap-00050 vlcsnap-00051

This guy is asking for a trip to the pokey. He’s in such a rush to check out the new comics, he lays his bike right in the doorway to the drug store.



vlcsnap-00059 vlcsnap-00060

What’s this? He’s hanging on that truck for sheer thrills. A visit to the big house is in order.



vlcsnap-00067 vlcsnap-00068 vlcsnap-00069vlcsnap-00070

This guy is riding all crazy-like every which way on a playground. How long will we stand for this nonsense?



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