Shop Owner Forgets To Tell Town His New Store Is Open For Business, Closes

Nantucket Historical Society
Nantucket Historical Society


Mr. Derrin cleaned the glasses one more time. The store was new, shiny and smelled of linseed oil. For two days they wiped down the bar, counters and stools with that linseed oil. They also rubbed the brass fixtures until they shined.

Now it was opening day. People walked by outside but the didn’t come in.

“Why aren’t they walking in,” Mr. Derrin said.

“We need to advertise,” said his son, Alex. “We need a big sign out front. Tell the people what we got for ’em.”

“I don’t have any money for no sign,” Mr. Derrin snorted.

“Well, then,” said Alex. “I spose we can wait on each other, cause no one is coming here.”


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