Snapchat Slammed for Radical Redesign

Just a few days after Snapchat surprised investors with strong market share numbers, the scrappy startup is taking heat for a radical redesign that separates friends and media into two sections.

Snap’s young user base took to other social media like Twitter in droves to complain about the change.A fake tweet that said company founder Evan Spiegel would change it back if it got enough retweets amassed millions in only a few hours.

“Don’t worry,” Spiegel explained on Twitter. “This is a head fake. We have more creativity and innovation in my big toe than Facebook has in their entire corporation. That’s why they copy everything we do. You think they came up with Instagram stories on their own?

“Just be patient. By the end of this month, they will copy our crappy redesign and deploy it across Facebook, Insta, and What’s App. They will lose users by the millions!”

Wall Street was not convinced, as Snap shares dipped after Spiegel’s tweet.



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