Spiritual Leader Streamcasts Live From Burning Man 2015

desert dance - Jessica Polar

Recently, a well-known speaker and spiritual leader closely associated with the Transcendental Meditation movement in California was streamcasting live from the 2105 Burning Man festival in northern Nevada.

She repeatedly attempted to post one video after another to Facebook using the Facebook streaming app. It didn’t go as well as expected.

“Hello everyone, I’m coming to you live from Burning Man 2015. You guys should come to Burning Man the first chance you get, this is the center of love and inclusiveness in the world and I just wanted talk about how my followers can learn……”

“Sorry guys, the Wi-Fi at Burning Man is not very strong. I think my last message got cut off and I…”

“Oh, nuts, I got cut off again. As I was saying, Burning Man is the closest thing that we have to the feeling of love and brotherhood that scenes like Woodstock and other festivals had in the 1960s, and I just want to bring back that feeling to our world today…”

“Gosh darn it, I got cut off again, I’m really sorry about that everyone, I’m really getting very frustrated about this crappy Wi-Fi here at Burning Man. I was just talking about the need for worldwide love and…”

“Dammit! Who sets up this damn Wi-Fi! I’ve had it up to here with this Wi-Fi…”

“Dammit! I got cut off again! I’m really getting tired of this lack of support for loyal Burning Man attendees like me. I mean, I’ve been coming here for years, and I deserve better technology than the crap this joke of a gathering is providing for me…”

“Oh my Lord, I got cut off again. Brothers and sisters, I’m really, really sorry about this horrific, terrible treatment I’m getting at what is supposed to be Ground Zero for love and light in the world. I’m about to make some phone calls and get someone out here to straighten this crap out…”

“For the love of all that is holy in the world, someone come out here and straighten out my Wi-Fi problems before I take this phone and throw it across the playa and hit somebody and hope to heck that gets some attention. When will I finally get some gosh dang support for this lame Wi-Fi. It is making me crazy and making me lose all of my chakra energy…”


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