Surprising True Facts About Virginia Tech Hokies Football

The real name for Virgina Tech is Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. It makes me wonder if the school was Catholic at one time, because I could see a Catholic mother calling the school out after they did something wrong. When Catholic mothers are mad, they call you by every name you were ever given. Your FULL birth name, your confirmation name, on and on. “Virginia Polytech Institute and State University, get your butt down here right now.”

Speaking of names, you may be wondering what a Hokie is. The name comes from a “spirit yell” orginated by O.M. Stull, who graduated back in 1896. Here is how it goes:

Hoki, Hoki, Okey, Dokey
Tex, Chex, VPI.
Ultra-Lex, Ultra-Bah,
We love ol Virgina
Rah, Bah, VPI!

You are right, it makes no sense. But somehow, that makes it even better.

“O.M. Stull, get your but down here right now. What is all this yelling you’re doing round here?”

“Gee ma, I’m making a new college spirit yell!”

“Spirit yell? I’ll do some yellin if you don’t get up there and clean your room.”

Now they had a new yell, and realized they needed new colors and uniforms. The old colors were black and gray, and the uniforms were all stripes, so many people said they looked like prisoners. “Well,” said a student. “They don’t have any problem serving us prison food in the dorms. Yesterday I was served some bacon so tough, cold and hard I gave it my dog as a chew toy. It broke six of his teeth. Have you ever seen a bulldog with false teeth. Scary. Especially when he takes them out and puts them in a cup,” said a student.

They determined that no other school had the colors of Burnt orange and Chicago maroon, which they use to this day. Now it is clear why no other college had those colors. “I like it,” said one student. “I can go from the football game to my fast food job without changing my uniform.”

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