Man Buys Starter Home in Los Angeles Area for $3,000,000

A man in Los Angeles joined his wife in toasting their first home purchase, a starter home in the Los Angeles area. Located just outside Baker, California, the home is a converted way station for telephone lineman, built to offer shade and refuge from the desert heat for lineman far from major roads and neighborhoods.

“It’s a shack on a dusty plain, but it is home!” the man said. “We have a lot of work to do to get it ready, because we have a little one on the way.” His wife smiled, patting her tummy.

The home features two cots, two shelves with canned vegetables, and a dusty old typewriter used to fill out lineman reports. The man plans to use the typewriter to work on a novel he has had in his head for 5 years. “It’s a thriller about Russian propaganda infiltration in US social media. A real page-turner.”

The man works in Los Angeles, a 171-mile trip one-way. “That’s why I’m glad I bought the Prius when we did. 50 miles to a gallon!” he said.


LA Man Rides Donkey To Beat Clogged Freeways

Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons

A Los Angeles man is beating the horrendous traffic by going old school. He rides a donkey between stopped rows of cars to and from work every day.

“Even at a donkey’s leisurely pace, I beat my coworkers to work four out of five times,” said computer programmer Darren Bridev. “The days they beat me it is usually because Marty (the donkey) stops in Beverly Hills to eat some of the flowers.”


10 Signs Your Commute in Los Angeles is Too Long

You have a room at a boarding house in Barstow for a mid-commute break.

You removed your spare tire and installed a 100-gallon coffee machine.

Your kids see you so little they find it hard to remember who you are. One calls you Uncle Daddy.

You’ve listened to every audiobook from including the King James Bible. Twice.

You vote in both California and Nevada state elections.

You have so many miles on your car, it has been featured in a Quaker State commercial.

You buy so many new tires they have a statue of you in downtwon Akron.

You have full subscriptions to Pandora, Spotify and XM Radio.

When you took a two week vacation with your family, international oil prices dropped 5 cents a barrel.

It takes an hour of daily massage to get your hands out of a locked 10 and 2 position.

Crazy People In San Francisco: Mr. BART Cellphone Loud-Talker

Mr. BART Cellphone Loud-Talker has no idea he is sharing a train car with several other people. He is speaking on his cellphone as loud as can talk without yelling.

Gee, Mr. BART Cellphone Loud-Talker, I know it’s hard to believe, but we really don’t need to hear about your problems at home with your spoiled kids, the lousy babysitter and your dog that hates you.

I’m really starting to understand the dog’s point of view.