3 Traits Shared by The World’s Greatest Thinkers

You’ll multiply your success rate if you can improve the quality of your thinking. Learn from the world’s greatest thinkers who share these traits.

Increase Curiosity

Legendary minds develop advanced thinking patterns because they are intensely curious about the world around them. Learn to ask questions as you go through daily life. At the zoo, you might ask, “Why are these monkeys flinging poo at me? What is that all about?”

Connect Patterns

Great thinkers see patterns everywhere. Try this: Drive down the road and look for connections. For example, you might say, “Gosh darn it, will you look at that? The lady in that Toyota Camry next to me at the stop light looks exactly like a young Tim Conway.”

Priority on Learning

Good thinkers put a priority on learning. When Leonardo da Vinci was 12, his father said they were moving to Omaha. Leonardo complained, “Father, I can’t be Leonardo of Omaha!” His father said, “Sure you can.” That day Leonardo learned about flexibility, adaptability and how to hide from your family when they move to Nebraska.