3 Things To Watch For in Thanksgiving Football Games

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys play almost every Thanksgiving. Why? Because they are America’s Team. And America’s Team plays on Thanksgiving. They’ve only missed two years since they began playing on Thanksgiving in 1966: 1975 and 1977. Both years the NFL fed them turkey before the game, and they fell asleep before the opening kickoffs.

Yelling Grandpa

Where do men learn to yell at the TV during football games? From our fathers and grandfathers. The danger is old Gramps is getting much older now, and one too many screaming matches at “those damn refs” may be his final blood-curdling rant.

Guy In Stands Wearing Turkey Outfit

Inevitably, someone in the stands will dress up as a turkey. This is a dangerous fashion choice. And in Cleveland, it adds insult to injury.

3 Fun Facts About the New York Giants

The New York Giants started in 1925 when they and four other teams joined the young National Football League. The Giants are the only surviving team of those five. The four teams that fell by the wayside over the years include the Los Angeles Phonies, the Chicago Coldbones, the Houston Humidities, and the Des Moines Corn Detasslers.

Baseball’s San Francisco Giants were in New York when the New York Giants football team adopted the same moniker. Again, I ask: why do teams take on the names of other sports franchises that already use that name. It’s happened a bunch of times. So, the Giants called their corporation the “New York Football Giants” to distinguish from themselves from the baseball team. What, there were NO OTHER team names available on the entire earth? How about a name like the New York City-That-Never-Sleeps-Because-It-Has-Downed-148-Cups-of-Coffee-And-Smoked-4-Packs-of-Cigarettes. That’s a team I can cheer for.

The Giants have a long-standing rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles. Apparently, it started in 1933, but has manifested itself many times since, including a brutal hit in the 1960s from the Eagle’s Chuck “Concrete Charlie” Bednarik on the Giants Frank Gifford that sidelined him for 18 months. Years later, Bednarik denied requests to do the same to the person who taught Franks’s wife, Kathie Lee Gifford, how to sing.

Why, Why, Why San Diego?

“I still can’t believe it,” Stan said.

I knew Stan from years ago. We lost touch when he moved to San Diego. Recently we ran into each other in LA.

“Why, why did the Chargers have to leave San Diego?” he cried.

“I know, it sucks.”

“And to Los Angeles, of all the God-forsaken places. No offense.”

“None taken. I’m used to it.”

“Can you imagine San Diego without an NFL team? It’s just not right. What’s wrong with a city and a team owner when they can’t meet in the middle and get things done?”

“Washington has been doing it for years.”

“You’re not helping.”

“Listen, I know how you feel. People love their hometown teams. Same thing happened in Cleveland. All those years I supported them, and one night they disappeared. I even scanned the missing persons website to see if they showed up. Next thing I know some people reported seeing them in Baltimore. No break-up letter, note, or even a text. Talk about being ghosted.”

3 Things You Should Know about Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium, also known as “The Horseshoe,” or more commonly “The Shoe,” and home of the Ohio State University Buckeyes, opened for business in 1922. It was built largely to handle the crowds who came out to see Buckeye legend Chic Harley, who was an amazing player both offensively and defensively. One Buckeye fan said, “You know it’s the same with my wife. You have to be good on both offense and defense. On offense, you need to be creative with the stories you tell her. On defense, you need to be able to bob and weave quickly to avoid being hit by various pots, pans and kitchen utensils.”

Ohio Stadium is the third biggest football stadium in the country. Columbus, site of the Ohio State fair, where they show the third largest rooting pig in the country. His name is Henry, and he is owned by farmer Oliver P. Pickle. Mr. Pickle said, “Henry is an eating machine. That boy will eat just about anything you set in front of them. One time, we came back from church, and we had stopped off to the local diner for some post church breakfast. Well, we walk out on the sidewalk and we see a fellow they’re selling leather billfolds, wallets and other whatnot. I need a new leather scabbard for my Japanese sword I bought on QVC, so we bought one of them, and cousin Ivan selected a nice variety of wallets that he plans to give out to his nephews at Christmas. Well, no sooner had we got out of the truck, but Henry stuck his big nose in there, pulled the bag out of the floor next to the passenger seat, and proceeded to eat every wallet, billfold and scabbard we had purchased that day. I mean it was a tragedy. But it didn’t hurt Henry but none, in fact I think he was walking a little prouder after that. Gosh darn if I can explain it.”

The original seating capacity of Ohio Stadium was 66,210 fans. The population of the city at that time was approximately 250,000 people. That means that 25 percent of the city could fit inside the stadium. “Yes, we knew right away that we could use the stadium for much more than football,” a city official said. “In the off-season, we use to open a summer camp for kids. We blocked off the open side of the shoe with giant fences made of buckeyes, mud, straw and peeled off labels from root beer bottles. Then we’d fill up the issue with water so the kids could swim from an zoned to end zone. Some of the more athletic kids would get up on top of the field goal markers, swing their body around to get some sharp typical force going, and fling themselves out to the 50 yard line before they splashed. One kid hit wrong, and he had more red marks on his body then a slice of pimento loaf.”

Superbowl LI – Tom Brady is the GOAT

Well, that seals it.

Tom Brady is the GOAT.

Winning in dramatic fashion once again, Tom Brady and the Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in a stunning comeback to capture Super Bowl LI yesterday. They were able to erase a 25 point lead with only three minutes left in the third quarter. It is the largest deficit any team has been able to overcome in Super Bowl history.

Oh, and the previous record of 10 points? That was achieved by the Patriots as well when they tied the record in Super Bowl XLIX.

Let’s run down a few of Brady’s achievements for the record:

  • Only quarterback in history to be victorious in five super Bowls.
  • Quarterbacked the Patriots for seven of their appearances in Super Bowls, the most for any NFL player in history.
  • Won four Super Bowl MVP awards, the most by any player.
  • Won the league’s Most Valuable Player award in both 2007 and 2010.
  • Taken the Patriots to more division titles (14) than any other quarterback in the history of the league.
  • Named to the Pro Bowl 12 times.

Not to mention he is third in career passer rating, fourth in career touchdown passes and career passing yards, has won more playoff games than any other pigskin tosser, built a career postseason record of 25 wins and nine losses, and has appeared in more playoff contests than any other player at any position on the field. If that wasn’t enough, his more than 200 regular-season and postseason wins are the most of any player in his position in the history of the NFL.

I think you can safely say that Tom Brady is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

So why is he hated so much?

The obvious answer is that people hate winners. Football, and the NFL in particular, is a highly competitive, emotional game. People support their teams to the end of their days.

“US good! THEM bad!”

So when a particular player wins over and over, especially when they come back from a severe point deficit as many times as Brady has, it’s inevitable he will develop haters — simple competitive envy.

It’s painful when your team struggles year after year, only to end up with a losing record every time. Just ask Patriots fans. They sucked for years before they turned it around.

But with Brady and Bill Belichick, it’s more than that. Some people hate them because of their questionable tactics. Deflategate and Spygate stick in the craw.

Everybody like’s a winner, but that shine is lost if you cheated to get there. Like when the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders to make sure Hillary Clinton got the nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.

You say winners take every advantage they can, and that’s what the Patriots do. You may be right, but the perception that the Patriots bend the rules too much hangs over their legacy.

Either way, you can’t deny Brady’s talent. He’s settled the debate with this Super Bowl win.

Peyton who? Joe who? Aaron who?

Tom Brady is the NFL’s GOAT.


3 Fun Facts About the Super Bowl

The very first Super Bowl was played in 1967. Two TV networks broadcast the game. NBC and CBS. It was a custom at the time that video tape was wiped clean for reuse, so the game was wiped away, never to be seen again. That’s something the Browns wish they could do with their drafting of Johnny Manziel.

The Super Bowl is the most watched TV event every year. The second most watched TV show in 2015 was Orange is the New Walking Dead on HBO, the story of zombies who break out of a prison near Denver and terrorize Broncos fans.

Americans eat more food on Super Bowl Sunday than any time during the year other than Thanksgiving…and that day you finally give up on your New Years Resolutions and eat 14 pizzas and a bag of chips.

3 Fun Facts About the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers were formed in 1993. A lot was happening that year. Micheal Jordan retired in 1993 to play minor league baseball. He returned to basketball in 17 months. The only retirement that was any shorter was my retirement from eating doughnuts — that lasted 30 days.

The Panthers began play in 1995, finishing 7-9. That was the best opening season for an NFL expansion team. They improved to 12-4 the next year when they added an actual panther to the team. He played fullback. Tough to catch in the open field.

Right now the Panthers are worth more than 1.5 billion dollars, or about the same amount of money Donald Trump will lose on his Presidential campaign before he packs it in.