How to Give a Rousing Speech Like Oprah at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

Powerful public speakers walk among us like gods, getting people to follow them with their ability to move a crowd. Oprah did just that at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Here is what you can learn from her skill to enhance your public speaking.

Give Away Cars

Just as she did on her TV show, Oprah gave away cars to the Golden Globes audience. Years ago, she awarded each audience member a mew Pontiac G6. This time, she gifted each audience member a Lamborghini Veneno, a car worth $4.5 million dollars. A few well-heeled Hollywood types realized they already had this car and selflessly donated their Oprah gift to lucky fans waiting outside the hall.

Use Emotion

In her speech, Oprah said over and over, “Fresh, warm doughnuts are everything right in the world!” She repeats emotional truths to drive her point home. Obviously, this pulls on our heart strings because there isn’t a person alive that doesn’t like fresh, warm doughnuts. Use this technique liberally in your speeches.

Rousing Finish

Good speakers understand speech dynamics — the art of varying the pace and pitch of speech to sustain interest. Oprah slowly increased her cadence over the entire speech, ending in a rounding crescendo of inspiration, motivation and dehydration. The audience leapt to their feet, raised Oprah above their heads and carried her triumphantly down the street to the Beverly Hills Lamborghini dealership where she handed out free oil change coupons.

Folks, Oprah is a one-of-a-kind personality, the kind of talent we only see once in a generation. You may not be Oprah, but you can borrow her public speaking techniques to help accelerate your goals and accomplishments.

3 Traits Shared by The World’s Greatest Thinkers

You’ll multiply your success rate if you can improve the quality of your thinking. Learn from the world’s greatest thinkers who share these traits.

Increase Curiosity

Legendary minds develop advanced thinking patterns because they are intensely curious about the world around them. Learn to ask questions as you go through daily life. At the zoo, you might ask, “Why are these monkeys flinging poo at me? What is that all about?”

Connect Patterns

Great thinkers see patterns everywhere. Try this: Drive down the road and look for connections. For example, you might say, “Gosh darn it, will you look at that? The lady in that Toyota Camry next to me at the stop light looks exactly like a young Tim Conway.”

Priority on Learning

Good thinkers put a priority on learning. When Leonardo da Vinci was 12, his father said they were moving to Omaha. Leonardo complained, “Father, I can’t be Leonardo of Omaha!” His father said, “Sure you can.” That day Leonardo learned about flexibility, adaptability and how to hide from your family when they move to Nebraska.

How to Get People to Like You Fast

You’ll get ahead faster and move further in life if people like you. Here are some shortcuts to get people to like you quickly.

Mirror Their Movements

One common suggestion is to mirror someone’s movements to get them to feel comfortable around you. Try my twist on this method. I call it “Mirror Plus.” It adds something extra. If they scratch their nose, you should scratch the top of your head. If they talk with active hands, you should act even more animated. Try mimicking the hand movements of NFL referees.

Use Compliments

Even stone-faced, serious people respond well to compliments, they just won’t show it outwardly. Sprinkle positive comments to everyone you meet throughout the day.

On the elevator: “I really liked how you punched that button with authority.”

On the street: “Say, you have a cool dog. He seems to like chewing on my leg, but I like him.”

In the office: “Wow, that is a great haircut. Very soon you’ll be on the cover of ‘Weed Wacker Haircuts’ magazine.”

Be Warm and Friendly

Sometimes getting others to like you is just a matter of being warm and friendly. Say, “Hi, Champ!” or “Hey, Tiger!” to people if you don’t remember their name. Your big smile and open body language will communicate your warmth, even if it is obvious you don’t care enough to remember your coworkers’ names after working with them every day for 15 years.

How Insecure People Try To Seem Like A Big Deal

Insecure people are annoying. They are always trying to “big-up” around you. Watch out for these three ways insecure people try to seem like a bigger deal than they really are.

Act Like They Are in a Hurry

Sure, sometimes you are in a real rush. And nobody likes a dawdler, the type that slowly strolls across the street at a crosswalk while you wait to make a turn. But insecure people act like they are ALWAYS in a rush. Moving the trash cans out to the curb, standing in line at McDonald’s or walking down the hall at work, they move double-fast, not because they actually need to be somewhere, they just want you to think that.

Talk Loudly

Insecure people talk loudly to appear important. Often they turn on their speakerphone while on a call so the whole world can hear the entire conversation. Do they let the other person know the whole Coffee Bean can hear their conversation? No.

Fake Instagram Photos

You might say, “Hey, everyone fakes it on Instagram,” and you have a point. But insecure people take it to another level, trying to appear as if they fly around the world on private jets, when in reality they are sitting at the back of coach next to the bathroom.

3 Ways to Get More Done Every Day

Here are three ways to become more productive.

Dictation Software

Use Dragon Naturally Speaking or the dictation software found in your operating system. You’ll increase the amount of words you can type by 10x, and the mistakes you have to fix by 10,000 times.

Create Lists

Create lists of every repetitive task so you don’t leave anything out. Like this:

1. Open toothpaste.
2. Squeeze on tube.
3. Watch TV for four hours.

Identify Patterns

See if you can find patterns in people’s behavior toward you. For example, if people often say, “Hey, man, you are a weirdo,” you can use this information in dealing with them.

7 Things To Say To Yourself To Remind You How Great You Really Are

Sometimes life gets you down. Here are seven things you should say to yourself to boost your spirits and remind you how special you really are.

1. I make great peanut putter and jelly sandwiches.

2. I am loved by most of my family members.

3. My dog loves me for at least 10 minutes past the time I am supposed to feed him every day. After that all bets are off.

4. I am great at many tennis skills. This includes saying, “Here we go, now! Let’s get back in this!” to my doubles partner after we are down 6 games to zero.

5. I am reasonably good at remembering to pay my cell phone bill before they cut me off.

6. I exercise religiously when I get time once a week on Monday morning for 10 minutes.

7. I am steadfast in my faith. Each of the three times I went to weekly Sunday mass at my church this year, I was very close to remembering the names of several people I went to high school with.

3 Ways to Be Super Successful in Your 20s

This is it – the prime of your life.

Your body is as fit as it is ever going to be.

No other decade of your life will you be able to stay out all night and put in a full day of half-assed work.

Take advantage of it. Here are 3 ways to become super successful in your 20s.

Move Faster

Mark Zuckerberg said “move fast and break dance,” or something like that. So take him at his word. When walking to meetings, pick up the pace. Show you have important things to do and people to see. And just before you reach the meeting room door, spin on your back and do a quick break dance that gets the office jumping. “Look at that girl go! She is VP material,” said a co-worker, watching a red-haired woman dance outside their budget meeting.

Budget Your Cash

Your 20s are great, but 30 will be here before you know it. You’ve got to start saving like you mean it. And I mean start saving everything. Money, car wash coins, scraps of cloth, hairpins, old baseball cards. When the 20s gravy train ends, and you are cold, alone and tired at the age of 30, you’ll have stuff you can use to survive. Somehow. “I’m going to make a boiling pot out of this oil can I used to use for my BMW,” one 30-year-old said.


Meditation will keep you centered in the craziness of your 20s life. Think of it as a mini vacation for your mind, keeping you calm and ready for the challenges you face. “When I meditate, I like to imagine I am at business conferences. That way I can deduct the meditation off my taxes,” said an up-and-coming 20-year-old.

Only People With At Least 140 IQ Can Answer These 7 Questions

Is your IQ more than 140? We’ll find out soon enough. See if you can answer these seven questions correctly.

1. Who has the most World Series wins?

a. Toledo Mudhens
b. Akron Zips
c. Toluca Lake Tools
d. Nagadoches Nags

2. Which of these things do not belong with the others.

a. Channel-lock pliers
b. Chewing gum
c. Parking ticket
d. Band-aid that fell off your knee after the wound scabbed over

3. Windsor, Ontario is the capital of which Canadian Province?

a. Alberta
b. Saskatchewan
c. Ontario
d. Prince Poof Island

4. What do these numbers add up to: 7, 11.

a. A convenience store
b. The IQ of your cousin Ned
c. The real SPF of that expensive 50 sun block you purchased
d. 21

5. If your car stalls when you begin to accelerate from a stop sign, check this:

a. The ignition coils
b. The spark plugs
c. Your stick deodorant
d. The number of outstanding parking tickets you have

6. Recently a man in the news said he hid out in the woods for 10 years to escape a bad relationship. Have you ever:

a. Left in the middle of a date without telling them?
b. Moved out of state to avoid seeing an ex?
c. Ghosted your partner by conveniently taking the wrong plane to meet them in another city?
d. Faked your death to avoid listening to another of your spouse’s boring stories about their day?

7. Who is the worst President we’ve ever had?

a. President Trudeau
b. President Bobby Hull
c. President A. A. Acorn
d. President Trump


The answers are a,b,c,d.


1-80. Go back to elementary school and start over.

80-90. Congrats. You are bumped up to hall monitor.

90-99. You have an IQ that will serve you well in the restaurant industry.

100! Congratulations! You have an IQ over 140, but suffer from so many personal hang-ups, you’ll never be able to use it in regular society.

3 Ways to create killer ideas

Maybe you have a creative mind and can generate ideas regularly. But what if your NFL team just finished the season 0-17? You might not feel up to creating innovative ideas.

Or maybe your doctor just told you it’s time to give up your addiction to Real Housewives of Winnipeg — your binge watching is making you lose sleep and do poorly at work.

In that case, try one of the three techniques to create killer ideas.

Meet New People

It’s natural to want to hang around people you know. It’s comfortable. To create new ideas, it helps to get out of that habit and meet new people.

Try stopping people on the street and asking how their day is going and would they like to get some coffee. Here is how it worked for me just last week:

  • A 64-year-old lady bowler told me to get lost.
  • A 22-year-old actress/model moved against the building and shielded her eyes.
  • A 35-year-old lawyer held up a can of mace and said she was going to call the police.
  • A 52-year-old ballet dance company administrator walked faster and kept staring at the ground.

Change Your Surroundings

Do you sit in the same chair at the same desk every day? Come on — get up and change your surroundings. It will be just the creative spark you need! Try:

  • Seeing a new city by hitching a ride, sitting in the back of a tractor-trailer on a stack of leather hand bags.
  • Camping for two weeks In Yosemite with nothing but a knife, a blanket and a giant box of unopened Q-Tip packages.
  • Traveling to Europe to see long lost relatives, walking up to old ladies in Italy saying “Grandma?”

Experience New Things

The reason you can’t come with tons of new ideas is you experience the same boring day week after week. Instead of the same old routine, go out and experience new things such as:

  • Go to your local art museum, stand in front of paintings and say loudly, “Yo, we be wilding out here!”
  • Attend an adult-education class examining the rise and fall of the San Diego, ahem, Los Angeles Chargers, shaking your head a lot and crying intermittently.
  • Take guitar lessons, complaining every few minutes that “It hurts my fingers!”

To come up with new ideas, your brain needs fresh inputs that help it create new connections, thoughts and concepts. Try these methods and you’ll be an idea-generating machine.

3 Ways To Act More Mature

Be honest. You are an adult, but your maturity level is closer to a 7th grader. Maybe you just don’t know how to act mature. Here are three quick tips to help you straighten up and fly right.

Know When It’s Time to Act Silly

It’s OK to act silly, your problem is you act silly at the wrong time. It’s not the best idea to come to your grandmother’s funeral wearing a Batman costume and Ninja Turtle slippers because “MeMaw would laugh at it.”

Don’t Laugh So Much

Your skewed view of the world makes you laugh — a lot. You know most people are putting on a front because society demands it. It’s an unwritten rule. However, it’s not good to laugh at your cousin’s hair plugs just because they make the front of his head look like a toilet brush.

Give Your Boss Some Respect

Sure, you sense your boss would rather be doing anything in life than managing you clowns. But she got the job somehow, so give them the respect she deserves. Stop repeating what she says as if you are trying to remember it and act on it, when you are really just mocking her.

You can’t help that you are immature for your age, whether you are 27, 38, 45 or closing in on 60. But please, use these tips to make your life work better for everyone.

4 Negative Attitudes of Super Successful People

They say you should think positive, and they are probably right, but sometimes people are wildly successful while maintaining a bad attitude. Here are various top achievers and their negative attitudes.

Sid, Fortune 500 CEO/ Sullen

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-Business Bob, Llanrwst 7401446554
Courtesy National Library of Wales

Sid is a CEO who led his company to $100 billion in sales while remaining sullen the whole time. He opens stock report updates by sighing loudly and talking under his breath.

Jane, Brain Surgeon/ Pessimism

Courtesy Internet Archive
Courtesy Internet Archive

Jane never thinks she is going to have a successful surgery. Despite her stellar record of success, she regularly tells the other doctors, “this is the day my streak ends.”

Ted, Major League Pitcher/ Suspicious

Courtesy Library of Congress
Courtesy Library of Congress

Ted has won two World Series and earns millions of dollars. So why does he believe everyone in the locker room is ripping off his stuff?

Betty, Hedge Fund Manager/ Negative Thoughts About Past

Courtesy Internet Archive
Courtesy Internet Archive

Betty was responsible for creating a new class of tech hedge funds that have created billions in new revenue for her firm. Yet she spends the ride home mumbling to her driver that she hates her father.

Bad attitudes won’t keep you from getting to the top. You just may not enjoy the rewards as much.


Things You Should Do Tonight To Start Tomorrow With A Bang

crazy eyes joe

Start tomorrow with energy and zest by doing these things tonight!

  1. Trim your nose hair with a hot curling iron.
  2. Lift 20 pound barbells over your head and shout, “Screw you, Kardashians!”
  3. Take the orange juice out of the fridge and pour it down your pants.
  4. Make toast, and throw them like Frisbees at the spiders on the ceiling in the basement.
  5. Pour out all the medicine bottles in the bathroom and fill them with Skittles.
  6. Snap your head back and gargle a spicy pumpkin latte.
  7. Run to  the neighbors house and stand outside and yodel.

Now you are cooking. Get up and go get ’em, tiger.



7 Things Successful People Do Every Morning

Compare these 7 things successful people do every morning with what you do. See any difference? Okay, then. Start tomorrow incorporating these habits as soon as you wake up.


Rotate Tires on Car

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-[Gwasanaeth adnewyddu hen deiars y Bangor Tyre Service, Brynllwyd, Bangor 19363299169
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons

Reflect on Plots of Sitcoms Watched Night Before

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-William Bulkeley Hughes MP (1797-1882) 6719193147
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons


Resurrect Plans for A Heavy Metal Harp Band

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-Wilfred Hughes, craftsman and harp restorer from Fron Lledrod, Llansilin, at work 12989393955
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons


Open Petting Zoo for Twins Only

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-Welsh Black cattle bred by Joseph Evans, Tyndomen, Tregaron 15867815844
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons


Call Mother and Wonder She Meant By That Comment

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-Tom Nun Nun 6979193011
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons


Reflect on 10, 25, 60, 240, 500, and 7000-Minute Goals

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-The last of the old candlemakers (Davies) 7975986498
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons


Run Through Town Singing Spice Girl Hits

man-men-guy-national library of wales-fc-Swansea Town Football Club 20740154461
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons

7 Characteristics of the Super Successful

Everybody wants to be a success but nobody tells them how to do it. Worry no more, friend, here are 7 characteristics every super successful person has.

Plenty of Sleep

Courtesy Lechon Kirb via Unsplash

Super successful people get plenty of sleep. Bob Hope used to nap for 5 minutes in the middle of the day, often while filming a scene for one of his movies.


Back To Nature

unsplash- running wolf coyote image_007
Courtesy Unsplash

Successful people get out of the house and take refreshing walks in the woods, communing with nature. Just last week a successful person ran 3 miles in nature, a large brown bear chasing him the whole way.


Fit and Healthy

pd - health - surgery - medical - injury - Image from page 78 of [Manual of surgical bandages, devices and dressings (1859) 14802514513

You can’t be successful if you are always sideline with injuries. Tape it up and get back in the game, you wuss.


Works Well With Team Members

Courtesy SMU Central University Libraries via Flickr Commons
Courtesy SMU Central University Libraries
via Flickr Commons

The swashbuckling loner hero is a romantic notion, but the truth is successful people work well with teams. It also helps to have someone to blame when things go south.


Stay Organized

Courtesy Library of Congress
Courtesy Library of Congress

If you don’t have your ducks in a row, you can never be a success. On the other hand, if you are neatness-obsessed dweeb who counts his socks, you won’t have any friends.


Strong Support System

Courtesy Library of Congress
Courtesy Library of Congress

Successful people have a network of loved ones and work contacts they rely on for support. They only get in trouble if their loved ones catch them in the act with their work contacts.


Money Wise

Courtesy Internet Archive
Courtesy Internet Archive

Successful people are careful with their money. You better be careful with your money when it took you 20 months to plan a 15-minute bank heist.