Dogs Shooting People??

Dogs are shooting people?


In the past few years, about once a year in America a dog shoots its owner.

For example, in Indiana a few years ago a lady came back from hunting and put down a loaded shotgun on the ground with the safety off.

Her dog stepped on the gun, pressed the trigger and shot a shotgun blast into the lady’s foot.

In New Zealand, a guy was jumping into the front seat of his four wheel drive.

The dog jumped into the backseat where, that’s right, there was a loaded rifle.

Dog steps on the trigger.

The gun goes off, shoots a bullet through the driver’s seat into the guy’s buttocks. Which he described at the time as “extreme pain.”

Yeah, I don’t have any doubt that that.

Oh my, goodness, what is going on?

Well, of course, experts say that most of these situations are all accidents.


Isn’t there a possibility that some of these dogs just see an opportunity to get back at their crazy owners.

Like for example have you ever been walking your dog outside, maybe along the sidewalk in the neighborhood and you don’t give him a chance to sniff the ground?

They like to stop, you know. It’s so slow walking your dog when they stop every six feet to sniff the ground — investigating a small 12 by 12 inch area for five minutes.

What are they doing? What kind of information are they gathering with this sniffing?

But, of course, that’s how a dog explores its world.

It’s not through his eyes.

It’s not through his ears.

Those are all factors but mostly through his nose.

His sense of smell is a million times stronger than yours.

But do you take the time to let him do his thing and look around his neighborhood through his nose?

No! You yank on his collar, yank on the leash.


Because you have to get home for Game of Thrones.

This poor dog is trying to enjoy the walk. And the way they do it is by sniffing every square inch for four or five or ten blocks. It’s gonna take some time, but you don’t have time. You’re a busy person, so you yank on the collar, you yank on the leash. Because you have to get back because Walking Dead is starting.

Now if you are the dog, that’s gonna aggravate you. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

Yank on the collar.

And I’m just saying maybe some of these dogs are sending a message.

That’s all I’m saying.

I’m not saying it’s real. I’m not saying it’s happening.

I’m saying it’s a possibility.

And so my advice to you is treat your dog right.

Don’t dress them up as a bumblebee at the parade.

Give him a chance to sniff the ground on the walk.

You may be late for Game of Thrones. Don’t you record those shows? Can you just watch it later?

I’m just saying keep an eye peeled on your dog.

You don’t know what they’re thinking. I’ve never had a dog share their feelings with me. I’ve never had a dog vocalize what they were thinking.

So be careful out there gun owners.

Because your dog might just be waiting for the right opportunity.

Ohio State vs. Michigan Fans Drunken Brawl | Joe Ditzel Vlog

Last year in Michigan, in July I think, two separate couples were riding the Jet Express, a commuter boat.

Two different couples — one was Ohio State fans and the other was Michigan fans.

It’s late at night on game day. Both are heading home.

They start talking.

Which eventually, somehow, escalates into an argument. Soon, the two women are pulling each other’s hair and, to defend their women, the men jump in, and start throwing punches. They start swinging — it’s not funny, stop laughing, you can’t be getting into fisticuffs.

But what started out as, I’m guessing, mild comments about the Ohio-State Michigan rivalry and who is better the better team, quickly escalated into a hair-pulling roundhouse swinging melee.

Here’s my question: How come it is always football?

How come you never hear about fans getting into hair pulling, fisticuff-flying melees about the college debate team? Or the badminton team. Or field hockey. It just doesn’t happen.

My guess is the people involved in the story had a few cocktails on the boat.

But you never hear about drunken melees because of the rivalry of the college field hockey teams.

Football team emotions run deep. Fan allegiances to their teams run deep, especially if they went to that college, or live in that city.

The guy who runs the Jet Express service told the newspapers he wasn’t shocked.

He said, well you know, people get passionate about their teams, and this particular scenario happened in the early morning hours, so he thought there were a few drinks involved.

Um, yeah.

Why Women are Hot All the Time | Joe Ditzel Vlog

Are you a woman?

If so, have you found yourself bundling up at work because the air conditioning is too damn cold all the time?

I know you have — I had an assistant one time that no matter the time of the year, and it was in Southern California, she thought it was so dang cold in her office she had on three sweaters, two parkas, two stocking caps, big thick gloves and mukluks.

I’m not talking about the mukluks you go down to Nordstrom and buy. I’m talking about real Inuit mukluks worn north of the Arctic Circle. She was cold all…the…time.

There’s good news ladies if this describes you: It’s not your fault.

Today’s air conditioning systems were developed in the 1960s with a formula that estimated the average office worker was a 154-pound 40-year old man!

Yes, the existing air conditioning systems we have today were developed in the 1960s for the average worker, which at the time was a 40-year-old 154-pound man.

When I first read this, I thought what 40-year old man weighs 150 pounds?

I had to check it out, and what I found, and I’m sure there’s different sources, but what I found is that the average 40 year old man today weighs 180 pounds.

And seeing as I’m 200 plus pounds with an emphasis on the plus, I can’t even believe the average 40-year-old weights 180 pounds.

Nonetheless, the air conditioning systems were developed for the average man, and yet men prefer cooler environments — women like rooms at around 77 degrees, women prefer warmer rooms, while men like it around 71 degrees, according to experts.

So not only do they in general want things warmer, the air conditioning systems were developed for a 40-year-old man years ago.

No wonder you’re cold!

No wonder my assistant was bundled up like an Eskimo in the middle of the Arctic Circle!

Some of the newer buildings are changing this, but how many people really work in a brand-new building, or work for an enlightened building owner that has updated their systems to accommodate new thinking and new information. Very few, very few. Where do you find building owners that have adapted their buildings to new green energy guidelines? I can’t think of five building in LA.

Maybe there’s more, but you’ll know because the ones that have met the government requirements to be designated as a green energy building, or and I forget the designation — something like IEEE, I mean they will tell you! They put it everywhere. They’ll put it right out front: “We have made the changes in our construction in our building to meet solar and green energy requirements!”

But that’s rare.

Most of us are working in buildings that were built during the time that these air conditioning variables were programmed into the air conditioning systems, and although those systems are probably updated along the way, I don’t think they change the general settings.

As a result, many women around the office today have got on enough warm weather gear to survive subzero temperatures in Siberia.

They can leave their office and enter into a outside temperature of 40-below, get on the back of a sled-dog team and mush those dogs across 1,700 miles of Arctic weather without needing to add add any additional warm weather gear.

I know you’ve seen that woman in the office. Maybe you have you been that woman. Maybe you are that woman.

Well, I say you use this information. Take it to the people that have the power to make changes and say. “Look, this is sexism. You guys are working with temperature guidelines that were set in the 1960s for a man, and now more than half the working population are women, and we have to suffer through your natural inclination to prefer cooler environments. But we are the majority, and we do most of the work around here, and therefore turn the damn turn it turn the damn thermostat up! And if you don’t like it, get a fan and put it in your office, and cool down your own personal space, and quit bugging us because we can’t get work done. Because our fingers are frozen, crippled and curled — stuck in a frozen position. I can barely hit the keys on my keyboard because my fingers are curled like I’m trying to pick up something off the ground like a rock.”