4 Amazing Objects Swallowed By Humans

We’ve all done it.

You are going about your business, driving down the road when you inadvertently swallow a bug. Yeeeeeeee!

Or maybe you comb your hair and a rogue hair floats through the air and lands on your tongue.

Right away you make that spitting sound as you try to move the hair to the front of your mouth with your teeth to get rid of it. “Spllllt! Splutt!”

But you lose the battle and swallow it. Yucko.

So don’t judge these people too harshly. Here are four unlucky souls who somehow swallowed some amazing objects.



Callaway Golf 9-iron.



Sylvania 19-inch color TV.



Restoration Hardware brass lamp.



Coiled pnuemantic drill hose.





Images via CDC Public Health Image Library