The Last Guy You Want to Invite to the Neighborhood Block Party

In the 1780s, French priest Yves-Michel Marchais told his congregation:

“The joys, the pleasures, the happiness of life are always dangerous and almost always fatal; the games, laughter and amusements of the world are like the mark of damnation and are gifts given to us by God in his anger. Whereas tears and suffering are the signs of God’s pity and a certain promise of salvation.”

– Parole de Dieu et Révolution. Les sermons d’un curé angevin avant et pendant la guerre de Vendée.

Gee, Yves-Michel, I don’t think you are going to enjoy our up coming neighborhood block party. We’ve got three kegs on order. Denny, the family dentist over on Woltham St., (he did all our kid’s braces) is even going to play some rock tunes with his garage band. You better stay home.

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