The Lost Records Of Garth Brooks

Courtesy Internet Archive via Flickr Commons
Courtesy Internet Archive via Flickr Commons


Recently a music historian stumbled upon a curious collection of master recordings at an estate sale of a bankrupt music label in Nashville called Skunky Sal Records.

The masters turned out to be some recordings Garth Brooks made in the early years of his career. His first record deal was with Skunky Sal, but his initial albums were never released.

Here are some of the songs and lyrics of these long lost recordings.

Woke Up In A Cold Sweat

Woke up in a cold sweat
Dreamt my baby left on a jet
I really miss her, my dear lover
I miss her sandwiches of peanut butter

Chevy 57, News at Eleven

She drove a Chevy 57
And anchored the news at eleven
I met her on an interview
She’s my favorite on Channel 2

Crazy Skinny Wilkins

Crazy Skinny Wilkins got all the girls
He taught them to put their hair in curls
Crazy Skinny Wilkins has 7 sisters
And a strict Mother he called mister

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