Things You Should Know About Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

Some alumni have said they wanted a better name than Cornhuskers. Well, in the early days they were known at various times as the Bugeaters, The Treeplanters and the Rattlesnake Boys. All of sudden, Cornhuskers sounds pretty good. “Let’s go, Bugeaters!” doesn’t have the same ring.

Frank Crawford, who coached 1893-1894, was the first paid football coach at the University. They didn’t have any money, but he received incentive bonuses in bushels of corn. Each win was worth 15 bushels, with 1 extra bushel for wins over Iowa and Penn State. “I love the corn, but can you at least throw in some butter,” he said.

The Cornhuskers won the 1962 Gotham Bowl 36-34 over the Miami Hurricanes in wet, cold 14-degree weather at Yankee Stadium. Five Cornhusker students froze in place during the game, and they were flown back to Lincoln where they sit frozen forever in permanent seats in the student section.

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