Things You Should Know About Notre Dame Football

The Notre Dame football team has the highest winning percentage among all college football programs. They also have the highest number of Heisman trophy winners at 7, and more players drafted into the NFL than any other school.

Touchdown Jesus is the nickname for the image of Jesus on the library with outstretched arms. The mural is called “Word of Life,” and is meant to unify the Spiritual and Academic worlds. The image got its name because it looks like he is signalling a touchdown. During losing seasons, some observers have said they have seen the image change to Jesus signalling missed field goals and 15 yard penalties.

1913, Notre Dame beat West Point with their newly developed weapon, the running pass. Before then, receivers stood in one spot and waited for the ball. In fact, the receivers only had to memorize one route called the run and stand still.

Forbes often ranks Notre Dame at the top or near the top of college football’s most valuable team brands, worth north of $100 million dollars, 20 percent of that value attributed to the loyal support of high profile Regis Philbin.

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