Top 10 Beer Halls and Gardens In Columbus Ohio

Trinity Beer Gardens


Trinity Beer Gardens rejuvenated the empty Trinity Church. Custom brews available include See The Light IPA and Laying Of The Hands Pale Ale.


Capitol Suds Company


The former State house has been recreated as Capitol Suds Company. Top selling drafts include Filibuster Porter and Corruption Stout.


Academy Ale House


This former girl’s academy is now a wildly popular beer and ale house. Choose from Spanking Paddle Malt and Sister Scrunchface Amber Light.


Otterbein Music Hall and Beer Gardens


Formerly an esteemed liberal art college, Otterbein Music Hall and Beer Gardens features slam poetry nights, open mic comedy and political discussion forums. Top sellers include Liberal Larry Dark Ale and Jimmy Carter Citrus.


Buckeye Beer Hall


The former Ohio State University is now the Buckeye Beer Hall, a massive campus-wide beer hall and performance space. Popular selections include Brutus Pale Ale and Muck Fichigan Pilsener.


Medical Hospital Pub


This former medical college and hospital is now the Medical Hospital Pub with favored brews like Tourniquet Wheat and Bone Fracture Dark.


New Infirmary Tavern And Surgery Center


Catering to more of a hipster crowd than the Medical Hospital Pub, the New Infirmary Tavern and Surgery Center provides patrons with trendy brews and affordable surgery. Fashionable selections on tap include Fixie Nut Brown Ale and Straight Leg Lager.


City Market House of Beer


The old City Market House is now pulling in thirsty crowds clamoring for their Organic Fruit Ale and Self-Checkout Dutch Oat.


German School Building Beer Hall


The German Central School Building is now a bustling beer hall with beloved brands like Corporal Punishment Pilsener and Teacher Lounge Lager.


Masonic Hall of Hops and Malt


The old Masonic Hall is now the multi-story Masonic Hall of Hops and Malt. Drinkers in the know head to the fourth floor and ask for Skull and Bones Porter or Fresh Fez Stout.


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