Top 5 Songs From “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”

“Star Wars – The Force Awakens” is breaking box office records this holiday season, and some industry experts believe it is poised to become the biggest grossing movie of all time.

It’s no wonder that songs from the soundtrack are hitting the top of the charts as well, whether it be traditional radio, iTunes or streaming services likes Spotify. Here are the five “Star Wars – the Force Awakens” songs that are selling as fast as the movie they came from.

“Deck the Deathstar With Money”

This upbeat ditty features the vocals of George Lucas singing about worldwide merchandising rights while stacking thousand dollar bills in a specially designed counting house he added on his property.

“Profit Force”

With a dramatic opening that slides into a hypnotic beat, “Profit Force” showcases director JJ Abrams singing about how he used profit lessons he gained from watching the original “Star Wars” 45,000 times before directing “The Force Awakens.”

“Cash Future”

This soaring theme recalls the classic battle of good and evil as it compares box office figures from the poorly-regarded Star Wars prequel films, and the current earnings of “The Force Awakens” and expected profits of the following two films in the current sequel trilogy.

“There is No Try”

With a jazzy downbeat, and a slow, intimate, personal vocal by newcomer Daisy Ridley, “There is No Try” sings a melancholy tale of learning to use the Force so well, money falls from the sky.

“Wookie Peanut Butter”

This rollicking, be-bop style number shows what can be done by mixing traditional song structure with a modern twist. Featuring Carrie Fisher in a duo with John Boyega, “Wookie Peanut Butter” celebrates the expansion of Star Wars merchandising into every facet of modern life, including peanut butter.

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