Wahoo’s Fish Taco Employee Asks If Everything is Alright

“Is everything alright?” Culver City resident Barry Kirko was asked seconds after being served his Banzai Bowl with Chicken and Black Beans. Kirko had yet to put a forkful of the delicious meal in his mouth. “Great!” he said, resting his hand on the table top.

Leaning his head back for a sip of his Sobe Green Tea, another cheerful employee asked Kirko, “Is everything alright?” Kirko spilled a little of the elixir as he said “Yes. Very good.”

Kirko had killed off three forkfuls of rice and beans when a manager approached. “Is everything alright?”, he asked in an upbeat tone. “Yes, sir!” Kirko intoned as he made a mock salute.

Four hours later Kirko headed for the door. “Was everything alright?” the night crew called after him. Kirko waved as the door swung shut behind him.

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