Which Columbus Ohio Neighborhood Fits You Best?

Columbus was recently rated Number 1 in the country for opportunity according to Forbes magazine. The city is attracting young and ambitious people with its progressive outlook and charming neighborhoods.

If you decide to give Columbus a look, consider these neighborhoods to see which one is right for you.


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Just north of Clintonville, Bowlingtown is for you if you live to roll the rock. Area residents are noted for wearing bowling shoes in every situation, no matter if business or casual. Jim Bowlingismylifistan, considered the “mayor” of the area, recently introduced bowling golf shoes. You read that right. They are golf shoes that look like bowling shoes. Welcome to Ohio.

Football Village

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Located near Ohio State University, this village requires residences wear Ohio State colors every day. To help meet this condition, there are Buckeye shops set up at entrances to the area that are open 24 hours a day.

Nicklaus Circle

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For golf fanatics only, this section of town is noted for its giant circular driving range ringed with McMansions. Homeowners can saunter down to the range at the end of their property, hit balls, drink beers and figure out how to win a Republican presidency.

Easton Town Crier

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In this throwback neighborhood on the East side, news is delivered not by television or radio, but by town criers. They emerge every 60 minutes in the “town square,” and bring the community up to date on world events and Kim Kardashian.


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Weatherville is encased in a large dome to prevent the moody weather of Central Ohio from ruining outdoor family fun. Now you can play lawn darts, badminton, and watch your kids break their arms after landing wrong on the trampoline in total comfort.

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