Why Hockey Players are Usually Good at Golf

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Hockey players are natural golfers, much more than baseball, basketball and football players.


1. Many grow up in Canada where golf and hockey are protected by law.

2. Both golf and hockey utilize the procranium and shibbleoozle bones more than other sports.

3. Both sports use the same athletic motion. The wind-up, the POW! and the follow through.

4. Both sports attract the same fans: Loud, alcohol-fueled and living on two hours of sleep a night.

5. Both sports allow the use of performance enhancing drugs, namely Molson Ale and Arnold Palmer Special Ice Tea.

6. Both sports come from the same island off the coast of Sweden.

7. Hockey and golf celebrate the same way when scoring: Screaming, hands in the air, dance the James Brown Shuffle, Macarena, Dougie and Naked Run Through The Streets.

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