Wild Fun Facts About Army Football

The first Army Black Knights football match was a challenge from long time rivalry Navy in 1890. Navy won that year and have won 57 of the last 64 matches. This is mostly because Navy learned to shoot footballs from the guns of nearby ships, thus increasing their passing power considerably.

Each Cadet must attend every home game, with the Corp staying on their feet the whole game. This is a partly to show the Corp’s discipline, partly as a sponsorship to Dr. Scholl’s.

The long-time rivalry between Army and Notre Dame came to a head in 1946 in what some call “The Game of The Century.” Army had great players like Doc Blanchard, nicknamed “Mr. Inside,” and Glenn Davis, known as “Mr. Outside.” One Army player was so nervous, and vomited so much before the game, he became known as “Mr. Inside – Outside.”

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