Windy City Blow Back

No sooner had the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup and enjoyed a(nother) fun, crowded victory parade downtown that social media from Chicago weighed in. Pictures of the Chicago 2013 Stanley Cup victory parade showing throngs of people crowding downtown were compared side-by-side with supposedly thin crowds at the recent parade in LA.

Fans in Hockeywood fought back–I talked with Mahisher Mickal of the We Are The Kings Of Stanley fan group.

“Mahisher, the Chicago fans made fun of your parade turnout in LA.”

“It’s all BS. Some Blackhawks fan took a picture of a crowd in downtown Chicago and claimed it was from the 2013 Chicago Stanley Cup victory parade. It was phony.”

“You mean it was not even from the parade?”

“It was an opening of a dollar store downtown. Chicago fans love a dollar store. It’s where they get all their Chicago Blackhawks gear. They are so cheap, they don’t pay for the good stuff. They buy the knock-off stuff.”

“Why would they fake a photo?”

“There’s nothing else to do in Chicago. Have you ever been there? Once you have a deep dish pizza, it’s time to come home.”

“That’s overstating it, don’t you think? I’ve been there plenty of times, it’s a fun town.”

“Yeah, it’s a fun town if you like walking around town and it’s so cold you can’t feel your feet.”

“But that’s the point, right? It’s cold. They have winter. It’s a real hockey town. The original six.”

“Oh, I get it. It’s so cold, their brains are frozen. Here we are skateboarding with beautiful women on the beach and they are trying to get their hoopties out of a snowbank.”

“But they say everyone in LA is just a bandwagon fan, that they move here from other parts of the country and have no affinity to LA.”

“Baloney, I’m from LA.”

“Really, I thought you were from Ohio.”

“Yes, Lower Akron.”

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