Worldwide Fire: 7 Burning Man-Inspired Festivals Around The World

Burning Man has inspired spinoffs around the globe.


Eagle Island Burn, Canada

LOC - travel - Split Rock Rapids, St. Lawrence River (LOC) 3662340943


Burning Market, Egypt

LOC - travel - Piazza delle Erbe, Verona, [Italy] (LOC) 4754547947


Burning Valley, Austria

LOC - travel - Naerodalen (ie. , Nærøydalen) [Norway] (LOC) 3174186405


Fire Forever Festival, Italy

LOC - travel - Montreal from Mount Royal (LOC) 3662336129


Bathing Beach Burn, Spain

LOC - travel - Blankenberghe, baigneurs (LOC) 3886403301


Burnacropolis, Italy

LOC - travel - [View of the Forum, Rome, Italy] (LOC) 4754571503


Cliffs on Fire, Scotland

LOC - travel - [Ventnor, from West Cliff, Isle of Wight, England] (LOC) 16333637359




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