3 Amazing Fun Facts About Syracuse University Basketball

Syracuse University started playing basketball back in 1900. That was an interesting year. That was the year Kodak came out with an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera called the Brownie. How inexpensive? It cost one dollar. It was supposed to be simple enough for a little kid to use, but it came with a 44-page book of instructions.

Camera Store Salesperson in 1900: “Sir, this camera is so simple, your 6-year-old can use, provided he can read at the college level.”

Dad: “Junior, you best be studying your readin’ and writin’, I want to take some family PHO-tos!”

Syracuse is one of the winningest teams in all of college basketball. The were recognized as national champions as early as 1918. Vic Hanson was an early standout on the basketball court at Syracuse, and later played professional ball for the Cleveland Rosenblums, a team named after their owner. I think we should go back to naming teams after their owners.

Sports Announcer: “Tonight on NBA’s game of the week! The Los Angeles Ballmers Vs. The San Antonio Holts!”

The Orangemen play at the Carrier Dome, the largest covered stadium in collegiate sports. Its name comes from the carrier pigeon. The tradition is to fly a carrier pigeon from the stadium to the student center before every game with a note attached to it’s leg. This year the note said “Stop Trump! No, really…please stop Trump.”

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