3 Fun Facts About Penn State University Football

The Penn State Nittany Lions began playing football in 1887, yet they had no head coach for five years. And they still went 12-8-1. See, you don’t even need a coach to have a winning record. Hey, it’s an idea worth thinking about.

“I’m looking at you, Detroit Lions. And…Cleveland Browns.”

When Penn State started they didn’t have a stadium or even a designated football field. They played their first games on the front lawn of the school known as the Old Main lawn. Heck, they didn’t even enough money for proper 10-yard first down chains. They used old spaghetti strands from the dining hall.

“First down! Munch, munch. Hey this is pretty good!”

They finally named a coach in 1891, George W. Hoskins. This guy had a .760 winning percentage, which still stands as the highest winning percentage in school history. He didn’t get any kind of million-dollar sponsorship from a shoe company. The best he got was an office with a door.

“Mr. Hoskins, the university appreciates your many contributions to Penn State tradition and honor. In light of that, we have voted to give you a brand new office, which comes complete with its own door. But you’ll have get the door by yourself at Home Depot, expense it on your expense account and install it yourself. I’m trust you won’t find it too difficult with your many talents, and enjoy your new office, Mr. Hoskins!”

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