3 Fun Facts About the Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies were founded in 1995. That was a crazy year. On January 11, 1995, the 104 day NHL Lockout ended. The Lockout began because owners wanted players to wear capes that flowed behind them as they went down the ice, and the players didn’t want to do it. A league spokesperson said, “The idea was the capes would make the players look like superheroes. We could then merchandise them with comic books, movies, and action figures. Instead of Spiderman, we would have The Enforcer, Penalty Killer Man, and even Super Zamboni Driver. He drives over evil doers with the Zamboni and embedding their dead bodies beneath the ice.”

The Grizzlies play home games at the FedEx Forum. The arena has a music theme, with restaurants such as the Blue Note Lounge and Opus Restaurant. On the main mezzanine, bands play for attendees all through the game. The most popular band is called the Memphis Grizzlies Bench, which consists of Grizzlies players that warm the bench and have never seen playing time. An arena official said, “The Memphis Grizzlies Bench band gives benchwarmers something to do during the game, and fans love the music. It’s also probably the tallest band in the music industry.”

It was also the first arena to use “see-through” shot clocks that don’t restrict the view of fans that sit behind the clock. FedExForum was also the first to use see-through basketballs, see-through hot dogs, see-through nachos, and a special see-through tickets. One fan said, “It’s cool. The ticket is completely see-through, but the Ticketmaster service charge is still $750 per ticket.”

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