3 More of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Flying

Flying is a misadventure most of the time. Still, when you compound the drudgery when you make your own mistakes. I’ve already covered three of the worst mistakes you can make when flying. Here are three more.

Dressing Down

Hey, I know, you are cool. No suit and tie for you. But the thing is, the rest of us must look at you the whole flight every time you stand to go to the restroom eight times because you spent two hours in the airport lounge before the flight. I’m not saying you have to wear evening attire like you are going to the opera, but please ditch the Ohio State Fair ’86 T-Shirt with holes in it and the sweats you usually wear to change the oil in your car.

Booking A Seat on the Aisle

Sure, you want to make a quick getaway, so you booked a seat on the aisle. Or you have claustrophobia issues and don’t want to feel trapped by the window. But neither of those discomforts will match the searing pain you will feel when the beverage cart crashed into your knee, and you spend the next 6 months getting the insurance company to pay for your leg cast and resulting therapy bills.

Expecting Meal Service

Maybe you haven’t flown in a while. The last time you took to the friendly skies, there was always a meal. Welcome to the real world, friend. Today’s airlines MIGHT have a meal, they PROBABLY will have a meal, but there is a good chance the only thing you will be getting is a smiling nod from the flight attendant when you board, and THAT’S IT. So, pack a granola bar or your favorite cookies, because if you don’t, your stomach is going to be grumbling so loud you will be restrained as a possible terrorist threat.




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