5 TV Shows On The Chopping Block This Season

Courtesy Florida Memory
Courtesy Florida Memory

Sadly, there are several TV shows that are a hare’s whisker from being cancelled. The days are numbered for:

Rum Rollers

The Depression-era drama about rum runners using roller skates to escape the law didn’t roll well with viewers.

You’ve Got Cataracts

A heart-warming rom-sitcom about a divorced eye doctor and one of his patients is on life support.

Midwestern Pasty

This reality show offered a lifetime spray tan membership to one of 12 overly pasty contestants in Chicago, but the show will be cancelled before the winner is announced.

Index Card Killer

A drama about a serial killer who finishes off his victims with the sharp edge of brand new index cards. It didn’t catch on with viewers and will be killed off in two weeks.

Disenfectant House

TV fans turned up their noses to this reality show pitting college dorms against each other in a contest of which is more filthy, grimy and bacteria-ridden.

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