7 Incredibly Strict Rules Disney Employees Must Follow To The Letter Or Risk Getting Fired On The Spot

Courtesy Library of Congress
Courtesy Library of Congress

1. When speaking to each other in front of guests, Disney cast members must use Goofy’s voice.

2. When pointing things out, Disney cast members must use an exact replica of the Sea King’s Trident.

3. Cast members should never say, “I don’t know.” Instead, they should say, “I don’t know, but let’s consult the Magic Mirror!” while unfolding a 6-foot mirror in front of them.

4. Cast members must pick up trash wherever they see it, including after the Super Bowl and every 4th of July Parade in the nation.

5. Sorry, hip Disney cast members, no tattoos are allowed. That doesn’t mean no visible tattoos, that means no tattoos whatsoever. Ladies, that includes The Little Mermaid you got tattooed on the inside of your left upper thigh senior year spring break in New Orleans.

6. Disney cast members must learn the secret codes. For example, “Code V” means that a vomit scene is taking place. Other codes include “Code F” which means “gaseous cloud event”, and “Code R”, which means several “Republicans are in the area.”

7. Cast members can access the secret tunnels beneath the park if needed. However, the tunnels are for quickly moving to different areas of the park, not for hiding from police dogs or law enforcement helicopters.

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