7 Of The Most Bizarre Rules Of Golf

Courtesy Florida Memory
Courtesy Florida Memory


Golf has a long history.

With that, some truly wacky rules have made a permanent home in the rule book. Here are seven of the most bizarre rules of golf.

Hitchhiking Frog

If your ball lands on a hitchhiking frog, you get free relief within two club lengths, no nearer the hole. If the frog is successful in getting a ride, and gets in the vehicle with the ball on his head, you must follow him in another vehicle, and play the ball once it falls off his head at his destination.

Flying Nun

If your drive strikes a nun mid-flight, you have two responsibilities: Arrange a funeral if she dies, or administer immediate medical care if she lives. Two-stroke penalty, ball must be played from tee.


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Criminal Gas

It is not a penalty to pass gas on the golf course. Otherwise, every golfer who ever lived would be carding 5 penalties per round. However, you cannot pass “criminal gas,” which is gas strong enough to make the foursome dizzy and nauseated. Two stroke penalty — add one penalty stroke for each person who passes out on the grass.

The Donald

If you inadvertently bounce a golf ball off Donald Trump’s head, add one stroke penalty. If he sues you for it, add two more penalty strokes.

Hockey Goalie

It is illegal to wear goalie equipment while playing an official round — two stroke penalty. Goalie masks are allowed for casual rounds.

Right Here

When you hit a good shot, you cannot turn to your foursome and yell loudly, “Fairway? Fairway? Hey, I got your fairway right here!” while grabbing yourself. One stroke penalty.

Getting Clipped

It is illegal to cut your hair with a Wahl or Conair clipper while any playing partner is putting. Two stroke penalty. Golfers are encouraged to cut their hair before playing.



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