7 Signs You Picked the Wrong Place to Work

We all go in to new jobs with great expectations.

Well, usually. Sometimes you can tell the place sucks from the moment you walk in.

Either way, after a while you notice things you didn’t see before.

Maybe you just didn’t want to see these signs. Who knows?

Don’t blame yourself. Just make sure you are aware of these seven signs you picked the wrong place to work.

Moonlighting Policy

You are allowed to have a moonlighting job, as long as it is for your company. “Want to earn more on the side? Fine, get a job in our warehouse. You can help load boxes after you finish your accounting job.”

References Available

While many companies won’t provide references in the future, your company provides all the references you want — bad ones. “You can leave here any time you want, but we will tell everyone you were late every day, smelled funny and only worked when you were happy — like when the Eagles won the Super Bowl,” they say with a smile.

Payroll Holdbacks

What, you didn’t know your company takes out deductions you didn’t authorize? Hahaha. How else are they going to pay for the softball team that you never play for?

Specific Hours

Lots of companies are vague on how many hours you have to work. Your company tells you upfront: all of them. Every hour you are not home sleeping, eating or feeding the dog, you should be here working.

Detailed Performance Review

Maybe you were used to a quarterly review at your old company. How quaint. At your new company, you are reviewed every five minutes. The result is displayed on a big board where you are measured against the other people on your team. The one coming in last each month has to pay everyone’s car note for the next month.

Casual Friday

Sure, you have casual Friday at your job. It is so popular, it extends into Saturday and Sunday as well. Bring a sleeping bag.

Multiple Interviews

You should have known you were at a quirky company after the interview process. Some companies have five, seven or even 10 interviews. Your company has 97 interviews with people from around the world. It cost you $458,983 just to get to them all. Don’t worry, you can work on Thanksgiving and Christmas days for the rest of your life to try to make your money back.

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