7 Super Cool School Busses

Wow, these busses are cool! I definitely would have looked forward to going to school if I was able to go in one of these babies.

The Fast and Furious

Cut from the famous movie series, this bus was made to travel at over 275 mph on surface streets. It didn’t make the final cut of the movie, but is now in service every school day with Vin Diesel as the bus driver in select cities.

The Van Halen

The Van Halen bus features a full concert performance by the band every morning and afternoon on the way home. In between songs, kids turn to another kid on the bus every day and ask, “Who are these guys again?”

The Go Pro

The Go Pro school bus is fitted with 4800 Go Pro cameras that follow the bus as it jumps off cliffs, skis down mountains and goes surfing in the Pacific Ocean. A popular bus with kids, it has over 2 million subscribers on its YouTube channel with over 960 trillion views.

The Ohio

The Ohio school bus is specially made to handle sudden changes in the weather at any point in time. The roof has a special giant umbrella that pops out at the first sign of rain, and retracts in under 3 seconds.

The Kanye West

The Kanye West bus is driven by the pop superstar. For the two-hour trip to and from school, he reminds the students that he is the biggest star in the world and that he is a genius.

The Family Vacation

The Family Vacation bus makes it easy for kids to go rapidly from school to summer vacation. It transforms from a regular schoolbus into a family road mobile that includes 5600 bags of Cheetos, 4800 beef jerky packages and 6500 movies on DVD for kids to enjoy on the unbelievably boring ride from their hometown to their smelly uncle Jeb’s house in Mossy Bottom Tennessee.

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