Buddy the Bear Causes Panic and Fields Entertainment Offers

“People in Southern California love two things,” said CHP Sergeant Wally “Big Rig” Gibson. “Police chases and wild bears running amok.” A bear is taking that advice to heart as he roams the neighborhoods in nearby La Canada-Flintridge. Dubbed Buddy the Bear by local media, he has been seen knocking over garbage cans, swimming in […]

Snapping Turtle Told To Slow Down And Smell The Flowers

Snappy Shellston, a local snapping turtle, has been advised by his therapist to slow down and smell the flowers. “Mr. Shellston is under a lot of stress,” said his therapist. “In our modern, high-speed world he has trouble keeping up. He has been plugging along but the stress builds up.” “Here’s the thing,” Mr. Shellston […]