At the races

They Started Hitting Me Everywhere While I Stood There

“Today we get used to contact,” the instructor said to my beginning Tai Kwon Do class.

Used to contact?

We stood in one line, shoulder to shoulder, facing him and two other instructors.

“Masters Lee, Kim and I will strike you all over the body many times at once. In this way, you will get used to being hit and not lose focus when fighting an adversary.”

Get used to being hit? I grew up in a family with 6 kids, including 3 brothers. I was getting hit since I was 6 months old. This will be a cakewalk.

One by one, the three instructors surrounded a student, yelled out, and then hit them all over their body with a flurry of strikes, chops and punches. Some started yelling, others folded on the floor from the pain.

I smiled to myself. What a bunch of wusses. My brothers and I used to punch each other every day like this.

Soon my turn came. The head instructor must have sensed my confidence because he gave me a half-smile before yelling, “Hai!”

The three of them began hitting me from every direction. It was like getting hit by fists coming out of machine guns. Bolts of pain shot through my arms, legs, neck and torso.

They stopped. The pain was searing, but I stood there smiling.

The instructor yelled “Hai!” again, and they started a second round.

I felt like I might pass out. Maybe I did.

I smiled.

“Hai!” he yelled again. One of them picked me up and through me to the ground. I laughed.

“Hai!” he bellowed, and he began dragging me along the judo mats. The others grabbed two Yawaras — judo sticks — off the wall and began raining blows to my body.

I fought to stay conscious. My head felt like a melon that fell off the fruit display and was crushed by a grocery cart wheel.

They stopped and I chuckled, blood poring out of my mouth, nose and ears. This incensed him even more.

“Hai!” he yelled as all three picked me up and threw me into the plate glass window in the front of the dojo. I tumbled into the street. A wave of glass shattered on the sidewalk, covering me in a blanket of glistening shards.

“Are you used to contact now?” he said.

I slowly pulled my head up from the pavement. “Wait until my brothers see what you did to me.”

“Yes? And then what?” he yelled.

“They will laugh at me and high five you,” I said.

“Your brothers are sick!”

“Yes, yes they are.”

At the races

Guy Records Vacation on GoPro with the Camera Backwards

An Irish guy gave his father a GoPro to record his parent’s trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, dear old dad didn’t know how to work the little camera, and had it backwards the whole time. He recorded himself rather than the glitz and glamour of Sin City. Clueless dad is getting lots of ribbing and […]

At the races

Outrageous Fun Facts About Mississippi State Bulldog Football

Mississippi State’s football history started in 1895. That was an amazing year. That was the year of the very first commercial movie screening in history.

“It was a Star Wars Prequel called: Yoda – the Teenage Years.”

At the races

Amazing Fun Facts About University of Missouri Football

The Missouri Tigers football program started all the way back in 1890. Wow. 1890 was a crazy year. That year John Owen was the first person to break the 10 second barrier for the 100 yard dash.

“10 seconds? What, in those days did they run with dead fish tied to their legs?”

At the races

Family Dog Emerges From Pile of Leaves Three Years Later

Pudgie, a local pitbull/chihuahua mix breed family dog went berserk three years ago. As his family raked leaves during a crisp, sunny Saturday in the fall, Pudgie ran around like a crazy person. “We’d throw an acorn in these giant piles of leaves over here,” the father of the family said. “He’d run in there […]

At the races

Outrageous Fun Facts About University of Cincinnati Football

The University of Cincinnati started playing football in 1885, making it one of the earliest programs in the country. 1885 was an interesting year — the first cafeteria in the country opened in New York City. The cafeteria manager explained the menu. “We got your meat loaf, your meat loaf without the meat, and your […]

At the races

Amazing Fun Facts About University of Michigan Football

The Michigan Wolverines began playing football on May 30, 1879, when they took on Racine College in Chicago, an Episcopal college prep school. 1879 was an interesting year. It was that year that first artificial ice rink was built in North America — Madison Square Garden.