Facebook Games: Bands I’ve Seen Live

If you are on Facebook, you have to suffer through a series of wacky memes and list games that come around, subside and move on to Twitter to die. The latest fad has posters list 10 bands they’ve seen live, except one is supposedly a lie. Others are to guess which one. How could this possibly be fun?

Prosecutor: Can you describe for the court the paper I’m handing to you right now?

Witness: It’s a list of bands I’ve seen live.

Prosecutor: For example?

Witness: Well…let’s see, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith…um, it was a long time ago…uh, here’s Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd…it goes on…

Prosecutor: So you’re saying you’ve seen ALL the bands on this list.
Witness: Yes.

Prosecutor: Are you SURE?

Witness: Wait…

Prosecutor (approaches witness stand): Isn’t one of these bands a LIE!

Witness: Well…

Prosecutor: Isn’t it TRUE you never saw Depeche Mode during their 2009-2010 world tour?

Witness: Well, everyone was talking about it, so I just went along. I mean…
(Crowd gasps. Judge bangs gavel on bench.)

Prosecutor: YOU JUST WENT ALONG? Isn’t it true you drove by the Hollywood Bowl, bought a t-shirt from a guy on a bike so later you could act like you were at the show? And then you drove straight home so you could be in bed by 9pm after walking the dog????

Witness: The thing is…

Prosecutor: Your honor, I submit this whole list is in question now, and this case should be DISMISSED!”

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