Folding Beds Of National Hockey League Stars

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Some of the hottest stars in the National Hockey League are jumping on the latest fad in professional sports: Folding beds. Folding beds have proven to be a great combination of convenience, saving space and a powerful boost to sports performance.

The stars are creating more floor space at home for their families, and enhancing their ability to play longer, stronger and with more zeal than ever before. Here are the folding bed choices of some of your favorite players. You way want to try a folding bed of your own!


Alex Ovechkin

folding bed- image_007



Carey Price

folding bed- image_001




Syndey Crosby

folding bed- image_002




Devan Dubnyk

folding bed- image_003




Rick Nash

folding bed- image_004




Nick Foligno

folding bed- image_005




Pekka Rinne

folding bed- image_006






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