Good, You Cleaned the House Finally…Except You Missed These Areas

Courtesy Nationaal Archief via Flickr Commons

Listen, you might feel good about cleaning the house, but the truth is you left a lot undone. Is this how you go through life — half-assing it? Well, cut it out and get these areas clean now.

Mop The Roof

Get up there with a mop and clean those roof shingles. What would your guests think?

Dust The Rafters in the Attic

Did you dust the rafters one by one? No? What’s the matter with you? You can’t keep taking shortcuts in life.

Sponge Off the Grass

Did you get up close to every blade of grass on the lawn and give them a nice sponging? Why not? Get out there and get to work.

Powerwash the Dog

Did you spray down the dog with a powerwash from the local car wash? It’s the only way that mutt is going to get clean.

Wipe Down The Underside of the Fridge

Did you lift the fridge with a jack and get under these with a damp cloth? Come on, friend, we all expect better of you.


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