How About Some Lead, Sonny!?

A lady in Bellevue, Washington, tries throwing rocks at a drone hovering too close to her house.

Let’s just say she’ll never play shortstop for the Mariners.

Undaunted, she goes back inside the house and reemerges with a rifle.

The drone operator finally gets some sense and pulls way back.

Is this what it is coming to? People shooting down drones?

All we hear about is drones of the future will deliver packages in 8 minutes from the time we order them.

Thousands of drones will fill the sky with their annoying buzzing.

I can see rednecks everywhere, drinking Budweiser out of the can, shooting down drones to while away the day.

When you ask Amazon for a refund, there will be a selection on the drop-down list of why you are asking for your money back: “Package shot out of sky by rednecks.”

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