Man Disappointed With Results of Googling Himself

first day at google

Justin sat back in his chair with a disappointed look on his face. He had just Googled himself and was frankly stunned with the results. There was almost nothing about him on the Internet.

Sure, his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles came up, but that was about it. No hits on anything else. Maybe it was because he never interacted with anybody or anything on the Web, so there was nothing to note.

“I’ve always avoided the Internet. People get fired for Tweets these days,” he explained. He dismissed the idea that there was no record of him on the Internet partly because he never participates in any discussions or posts anything of interest. “Nah, that’s not it. I just think those techies don’t want anyone over 40 to be in their Google machine,” he said.

“Our softball team beat Park Electric in the City League two years ago, and in high school our choir won the state finals up there at the Capitol. So don’t tell me there are no good things I done. The Google people just don’t want to show some folks on there,” he said while pulling a Mountain Dew out of the fridge.


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