Sir, Do You Want That Bagged?



It’s about four blocks to the grocery store from where I am staying with relatives. I announce I am walking over to get some bread, milk and other stuff. Requests are made for beer and spaghetti sauce which I add to the list.

Checking out, the lady bagging says loudly, “Sir, do you want your bread bagged?”

“Yes, please, I have to walk four blocks.”

She looked disappointed. I didn’t know if she thought I should carry them on my head, or she wasn’t sure I could walk that far without collapsing.

She eyeballed the 12-pack of beer and again asked loudly, “Sir, do you want your beer bagged?”

“Sure, that would help. I have to walk four blocks.”

She began to walk away, gesturing to the checker guy to finish bagging duty, saying loudly to him as she turned on her heel, “YOU’RE GOING TO NEED FOUR BAGS!”

About Joe Ditzel

Joe Ditzel is a keynote speaker, humor writer, and really bad golfer. You can reach him via email at [email protected] as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.