Most New Businesses Fail — How to Make Sure Your Team Succeeds

Statistics don’t lie.

That’s not right. They lie all the time.

In this case, however, it is true most new businesses fail within five years. One of the keys to making sure your firm succeeds is building the right team.

You can’t get there if you don’t have the right people. Hire for aptitude and then find the right slot for them. Base your key positions on a typical heist movie. You’ll need:

The Brains – lays out the whole operation. This may or may not be you.

The Brawn – call that guy with no neck you knew when you did a little stretch upstate for something you can’t talk about.

The Tech Nerd – this is the girl that will keep you on the cutting edge of technology, and show up ever day with a new tattoo.

The Love Interest – yes, your significant other plays a major role in your success. Don’t have an SO? Tinder is your friend.

The Wheelman – you need a genius behind the wheel, somebody that can get you out of a tight situation when chaos ensues, which it will. In other words, you need a great driver to pick up sandwiches, coffee and those little airplane bottles of vodka.

The Money – you don’t see her often, but this wealthy investor is keeping you afloat. Most days you’ll feel she is just toying with your little ship. You are right.

Get these positions right, and your company will do better than you ever expected.

7 Ways to Stand Out On Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Having a presence on social media is important for every entrepreneur. Here are seven ways you can use the different social platforms to create a bigger profile for yourself:

1. Post photos of yourself on Instagram riding a skateboard to your office wearing nothing but a Speedo.

2. Publish videos on YouTube where you explain your theory on how the human race is derived from an unholy marriage of space aliens and extras from Star Trek, the original TV series.

3. Join groups on LinkedIn and share your new business idea where you will go to door-to-door and ask homeowners if they would like to take advantage of your mobile pet spay and neuter service.

4. Start posting tweets on Twitter every 25 seconds. Each one will say the same thing: “I AM THE ONE.”

5. Create a Pinterest board called Good Ideas. Post 75 new ideas every day on ways each of us can help our fellow man. Your first new idea will be, “When you find a muscle car taking up two spaces in the parking lot during Christmas shopping season, tap into your spiritual self and set the car on fire.”

6. Open up a Facebook business page account called a Bad Business Ideas. Invite your fellow Facebookers to contribute horrible business ideas. Take the worst idea, build it into a successful business, and post your success story just to spite them.

7. Start a Snapchat profile, and begin to post photos of your dog doing nothing but taking a leak on cars in your neighborhood.

Use these simple ideas to make an immediate impact in social media. You will garner top of mind awareness among prospects and clients, rocketing your business to the top of the profit charts.

4 Mentors That Every Entrepreneur Needs In Their Back Pocket

We all hear stories about people who achieved success alone, guided by their wits and cunning. Forget it. It’s a myth. Every successful person had plenty of help along the way. Here are four mentors you’ll need if you want to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Light Bulb Adviser

This mentor tells you the correct lighting you’ll need at your desk or table.

Oil Change Timing Consultant

You’ll be putting lots of miles on your car. This consultant will remind you to get the oil changed on time.

Humility Checker

Getting too cocky will kill your momentum. This advisor tells you, “You are not as good as you think you are,” or “your competitor works harder than you.”

Pants Break Expert

Is your pants break too much or not enough? Should it be a slight break or a deep break? This expert keeps your pants break up to par.

7 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Every successful entrepreneur has built these seven habits into their daily routine. How many do you share with them?

1. Wake up every day at 230am after a fitful 10 minutes of sleep.

2. Run 47 miles to the nearest small town and back.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast of juice, coffee and cereal made of shredded Wall Street Journals.

4. Review 15, 30 and 60 minute goals.

5. Repeat this affirmation out loud while driving: “I am THE ONE.”

6. Set new goals: First Chicago, then Los Angeles, then NEW YORK CITY.

7. Invent one new product every 45 minutes.