Why Did I Have to Learn Cursive Writing?

What was the point of learning cursive writing? In the U.S., oldsters remember learning how to print letters, then later learning how to write the same letters in cursive. Why? That’s like learning how to speak English, and then learning “Ohioan,” which is close to English but includes words like “warsh” (wash) and “sweeper” (vacuum cleaner), or “pop” (soda).

Like this: “Before I do the warsh and run the sweeper, I’m going to have me a pop.”

5 Lies Ohio University Students Tell Themselves

1. I’m glad my school is in the middle of nowhere. I don’t need convenient access to a variety of goods and services.

2. I love the exercise I get from walking these hills.

3. I’m glad I didn’t go to Ohio State. I really enjoy the crunching sound the cicadas here make when I walk over 17,000 of them on the way to class.

4. I never vandalized some cars in Oxford, Ohio after the Miami game that one time.

5. I’m glad I graduated early. I really wasn’t enjoying the parties here.