Catfished On Tinder

I looked over the woman’s photos on Tinder. Really good.

In this age of staged Instagram photos, it is inevitable that people on Tinder, intent on making a good first impression, would go to great lengths to make their pictures shine.

But there photos were TOO good. Pro level. So good I figured they were stolen.

Who is behind this Tinder name, gorgeous model and beautiful photos?

A little search with Google Images told the tale.

Russia. Why are they always from Russia?

I’m getting catfished on Tinder. Again.

Do svidaniya.


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Basile has worked all over the world, making audiences laugh with his unique blend of stand-up, improv and character work. You may have seen him in the concert special series, “Growing Up Greek in America.”

Basile has been on numerous TV shows including HBO, Showtime, the Tonight Show, Comedy Central and many more. He has also made a name for himself as a sought after voice-over artist, lending this talents to the Cartoon Network and other animation companies.

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