The 7 Suits Every Man Needs

Every man needs these suits to be well-dressed and looking sharp. If you are missing one of these classics, snap it up as soon as possible.


The Emotional Armor

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0075-crop3-brighton suit

This suit is perfect to deflect the crazy people in your life. Made of a special carbon/rayon/wool/cotton/nuclear fiber, it is made to withstand nagging and complaining up to 180db.


The Divorce Court

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0074-crop2-summer suit

OK, it didn’t work out. It happens, in California probably twice or three times. You still want to look good.


The Elegant Bowler

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0071-crop4

Ever want to roll a few frames in the middle of the day? This suit has real bowling shoes, and a hat that turns into a ball carrier.


The Fake Opera Fan

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0071-crop2

Eventually she will ask you to go to the opera with her. This suit has a deep coat pocket bit enough to carry an iPad you can use to log on to football games on the Internet.


The Varsity

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0070-crop3

Made of triple-worsted wool, this warm suit has 4 flask pockets and a secret pocket for contraband.


The Pool Shark

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0069-crop1

The key here is the cane that converts to a standard pool cue.


The Golf Reversible

mens suit-eatons-eatons190700eatouoft_0075-crop1-norfolk suit

The jacket reverses into a golf jacket, and the pants have internal zippers just above the knee to convert them into golf shorts. Now all you need is an excuse to be out of the office for 5 hours.

About Joe Ditzel

Joe Ditzel is a keynote speaker, humor writer, and really bad golfer. You can reach him via email at [email protected] as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.